on the Internet.

The Web 2.0 has given me a unique opportunity to bond with my mother, who’s been using AOL since the year it was invented but has been hesitant to get into anything more technologically advanced than those old school email loops they used in the nineties. I’m 23, so the Internet is practically a native language, and I had great success in teaching the woman how to use Facebook a few months back—she practically lives on the site now. I’m so encouraged that I’ve decided to teach my grandmother to use the site next.

I have a MacBook and a BlackBerry so I’m never away from the Internet. Ever. Between Google Mail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, and Google Latitude, I’m pretty sure Google could have me wiped off the map whenever they feel like it. Whether or not I should encourage this sort of technological dependency in others remains to be seen—but right now, my parents are pretty keen on the idea of tracking me wherever I go and being able to contact me at all times. This will be of some consolation when the Google Purge finally happens.

Supposedly all this modern interconnectivity is making us as a society more alone than ever. But I don’t know, man, I never feel alone.


Jax said...

I beg your pardon ... your mother what? LOL

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